Race Reads is about running and storytelling. One of the best things about racing is getting to share your experiences with others. As racers, we do all these crazy things to lead up to an event that may last for, in some cases, minutes to, oftentimes, hours. We wake up early, we geek out over gear, we talk about bodily functions to strangers, we spend money, and so much time for this thing that we love to do. And after all of that, there’s infinitely more to remember after a race than the time that was on the clock.

We’re Dan and Julia and we live in Denver, Colorado and we love running. We love exploring and racing and sharing it all with each other and with others. Over the past couple of years, we’ve gotten the opportunity to run in some great races. For weeks  leading up to race day, we’d spend hours scouring the internet to learn everything possible that could help us perform our best. Many work hours have been dedicated to looking for and reading blog posts. Though we both write our own race recaps at Endurance Changes Time, we knew there was so much more out there and think that quality recaps for races should all be located in one place.

meanddanWe’d love to read your recaps and link to your blog for the races we’re featuring. We also know that not everyone has a blog but you still may have a great story to share. If you’ve run a race and liked to be featured, you can send us a recap at racereads@gmail.com.



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