Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k is hailed as the hardest 50k in the country. And race director, Karl Meltzer, planned it that way on purpose. The course boasts around 12,000 feet of climbing over the 31+ miles. Some really great competition shows up every year and the race is a fun one to follow along with via iRunFar and UltraSportsLive.

The 2015 event is going to be held on Saturday, July 25 at Snowbird Ski Resort in Park City, Utah. We are particularly excited because Dan is racing it and I (Julia) am spectating. I actually have never been so excited for a race and I’m not even running it! I’m looking forward to cheering on some of my favorite elites and geeking out on all things ultra. And of course, I’m stoked to cheer on Dan! Let us know if you’ll be at Speedgoat this year.

2015 Entrants List

2014 Results Summary from iRunFar

Speedgoat Write-up in TrailRunner Mag


Because it’s such a noteworthy race, there are quite a few excellent race reads out there. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites that are entertaining as well as educational. Hopefully you find that they can help you in preparation for the event if you’re brave enough to run it.

Sage Canaday (2013) Sage won in a very competitive field and wrote an awesomely entertaining recap.

Timothy Allen Olson (2013)

L.A. Runner – Billy Yang (2013)

SchlarBlog (2013)

Anton Krupicka for Ultimate Direction (2013)

Adventures in Running – Steph Howe (2013) Stephanie can do no wrong. She came back to win for the women this year.

Donner Party Mountain Runners (2014)

Persistence Runner (2014)

Running With Eric (2014) This is a fantastic recap and one of the few out there from a woman.

Sage Canaday (2014) Another win for Sage, although this post was a little more to-the-point than the previous year’s.

Shades of Gray – Galen Gray Burrell (2014)

McDowell Mountain Man This post has great info about the terrain during a year with snow on the trail.

The cover image is a photo taken by Matt Trappe of Anton Krupicka from 2013. Matt has some really amazing photos from this race as well as others. The image was sourced from running.competitor.com.


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