Steamboat Marathon

Steamboat Springs is one of the most beautiful areas in the state of Colorado, which sure is saying a lot. There is a seemingly infinite number of trails to run, but the Steamboat Marathon takes place on the road – one road, to be exact, from Hahn’s Peak to downtown. The 2015 race, which is the 34th year of it running, takes place on Sunday, June 7th.

From Steamboat Marathon

From Steamboat Marathon

The course is downhill, but from reading reviews, it seems that runners shouldn’t necessarily count on that descent for fast times. Between the altitude, the exposure to the sun, and the profile, it’s not an “easy” course, but it is beautiful, with a great race atmosphere.

Marathon Elevation Grid from Steamboat Marathon


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Have you run the Steamboat Marathon? Have you written about it or would you like to? There doesn’t seem to be too much information out there about it currently; we’d love to read your experience. Email us at if you have a blog post you’d like us to link to or if you’d like to write a post to be featured.



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