The North Face ECSDC 50k Recap by Julia

Endurance Changes Time

Congrats to everyone who raced Boston on Monday! Despite what you may have seen on social media this past weekend, there were other races happening as well and Dan and I, along with plenty of NP members from DC and beyond, took on the North Face Endurance Challenge DC (ECSDC) at Algonkian Regional Park.

I decided on ECSDC 50k as my goal race for the spring. After ECSCA 50k, I knew I was ready for another. Having a friend, Katherine, to visit in the city and a sweet deal from BG and Bojan for entry made this an easy choice for us.

We got to DC on Thursday night, had a great day on Friday, but when it came to the race, I just felt flat. The night before, I was going to sleep trying to feel at least SOMETHING about the race the next morning, but I wasn’t…

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